‘Stranger Things’ Joe Keery Joins ‘Finalmente L’alba’

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Deadline.Com – Joe Keery is set to join Lily James and Willem Dafoe in the indie drama Finalmente L’alba (Finally Dawn) sources tell Deadline. Rachel Sennott and Rebecca Antonac are also on board with Saverio Constanzo directing the pic.

Plot details are currently unknown and production is set to start sometime this month in Italy.

Keery is best known for his role of Steve in Netflix’s Emmy and Golden Globe Award-nominated series Stranger Things, which recently completed its fourth season for Netflix. Not only did the series become the biggest show in Netflix history, it landed 14 Emmy nominations including Best Drama.

He recently wrapped production on romantic drama film, Marmalade, where he stars alongside Camila Morrone and Aldis Hodge. Based on O’Donnell’s script, Marmalade centers on a naive small-town man who ends up in jail and narrates a tale of a romantic bank heist to his cunning cellmate to escape and reunite with the love of his life. Keery has also joined the cast for the Fifth Installment of FX’s Fargo from Acclaimed Series Creator and Executive Producer Noah Hawley. He also recently was seen in the 20th Century pic Free Guy.

He is repped by Gersh and 3 Arts.

Joe Keery Interviews with The Daily Beast

[ Written on August 16 2022 by admin ] – Joe Keery won’t stop talking about Stanley Tucci. We’re 20 minutes into our coffee in the Lower East Side, and because the Tooch is one of my favorite topics of conversation as well, it physically pains me to steer the conversation back on track.

Directing. Let’s talk about directing. We were talking about getting behind the camera when Keery began to gush over Tucci, whose 1996 movie Big Night inspired the young Stranger Things actor to pursue filmmaking. Then, there’s Tucci’s new memoir, Taste, a mix of recipes and autobiography, which has brought Keery to the idea of a cookbook-album concoction—as in maybe one day, somehow, creating a project that blends recipes and his music.

“Well, not a cookbook,” Keery says. “How can you blend genres? What he does there, in a really great way, is: How do you blend a cookbook and a story about your life? Nobody’s done that in the same way, not that I have read.” (As a devoted rom-com lover, I tell him to read Heartburn by Nora Ephron.)

Keery rattles off a long list of movies he’d like to make one day. A moving family affair like Big Night. An original adventure movie. Or even a sizzling thriller like Nightcrawler. I tell him to combine all three for something original—genre-blending like Taste—and he seems eager for the challenge.

Still, as exciting as this all is, and as hyped as I am about Keery’s passion to direct, we’re here to talk about his new album DECIDE—yes, the popular actor makes music, too—and Stranger Things.

Though he’s newly 30, Keery can’t help but unleash his inner child when something thrills him, spinning through conversations with a buzzing energy and a carousel of topics to excitedly discuss. The actor is calm and soft-spoken—except when he’s talking about his idols (Charli XCX and Stanley Tucci, of course) or reminiscing about his days as a college kid in Chicago.

Thrust into fame in his early twenties, thanks to his dopey grin, floppy hair, and crush-worthy charisma on Stranger Things, Keery has now adopted the stage name of “Djo” (pronounced “Joe,” like Django Unchained) for his music career.

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NME Interview – Joe Keery: “I want my stage persona to surprise people”

[ Written on August 11 2022 by admin ] – It’s a roasting hot July day at Lollapalooza festival, Chicago, and Joe Keery is strutting confidently about the Bud Light Seltzer stage, electric guitar in hand. “What’s going on?!” he shouts to the sweaty crowd, “Y’all staying cool?” Some replying screams suggest they are, but Keery must be boiling. He’s sporting head-to-toe white overalls (as are the other touring members of his psych-rock outfit Djo), blocky sunglasses and a shoulder-length brown wig. He looks like Kevin Parker crossed with Weird Al Yankovic.

Fast forward two weeks, and Keery is telling NME how much fun he had that day. The quirky get-up is gone, but his big grin isn’t. “My God, it was unbelievable!” he says, chatting via video call. Today he’s wearing a simple white vest and sits in front of a virtual beach background, looking very content with his recent life choices.

“The stage persona started as a way to disassociate the music from the character that everybody knew me as on Stranger Things,” he says of his musical alter-ego, which he debuted in 2019, “but I ended up loving the camaraderie that it creates. My goal is to surprise people and to have a really fun show that’s infectious!

“It’s not lost on me that [Stranger Things fans] are going to come and see Djo – and that’s cool. If they like the music that’s great and if they only like it because of the show, that’s also fine. The main thing is to have fun.”

Speaking of Netflix’s internet-consuming telly behemoth, the latest season of Stranger Things was the biggest and darkest yet. Even though the finale aired in July, fans are still pouring over the most viral scenes now – including an unexpected topless shot of Steve, the high-school jock turned nice guy played by Keery. It was also a huge season for music. Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ shot up the charts after being used in the show – and Keery’s co-star Joseph Quinn jammed backstage with Metallica after performing their 1986 classic ‘Master Of Puppets’ during an episode.

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Joe Keery, Lamorne Morris & Richa Moorjani Join Season 5 Of “Fargo”

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Deadline.Com: Fargo has rounded out the main cast of its upcoming fifth installment, with Joe Keery (Stranger Things, Free Guy), Lamorne Morris (New Girl, Barbershop: The Next Cut) and Richa Moorjani (Never Have I Ever) joining the previously announced Juno Temple, Jon Hamm and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Set in 2019, Season 5 of the Noah Hawley-created anthology series answers the question, when is a kidnapping not a kidnapping, and what if your wife isn’t yours?

Joe Keery will play Gator Tillman; Morris will play Witt Farr; Moorjani will play Indira Olmstead.

Djo Performing at Lollapalooza [Day 4] on July 31, 2022

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Djo performed earlier today at Grant Park on July 31, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois during Lollapalooza. Pictures from their performance have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

Joe Keery, Camila Morrone and Aldis Hodge Starring in Romantic Heist ‘Marmalade’

[ Written on July 30 2022 by admin ] – Joe Keery, Camila Morrone and Aldis Hodge are starring in “Marmalade,” a romantic heist from director Keir O’Donnell. The film was never formally announced, although some dribs and drabs about the project leaked out while it was shooting. Production wrapped this month in Minnesota.

According to the logline, the film follows a naive small-town man as he narrates the colorful tale of a romantic bank heist to his cunning cellmate. This is the directorial debut for O’Donnell, who also wrote the script. He is best known for his work in front of the camera on films such as “Ambulance,” “American Sniper” and “Wedding Crashers.”

“Marmalade” is produced by Tea Shop Productions’ James Harris and Mark Lane with Sarah Gabriel and Marc Goldberg under the Signature Films banner, and in association with Jason Shapiro, Silver Lining Entertainment.

“Stranger Things” Season 4 Volume 2 Screencaptures

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Screencaptures from Season 4 , Volume 2 episodes titled “Papa” and “The Piggyback” have been added to the gallery.

Stranger Things 4 | Volume 2 Trailer | Netflix

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Welcome to Joe Keery Central!

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Welcome to Joe Keery Central, your newest online source for everything on the amazing actor Joe Keery. Joe is best known for playing Steve Harrington in Netflix’s Stranger Things but you may know him as Keys from Free Guy.  Here at JKC, we strive to provide you with the latest news, updates, and photos of Joe.

Please make sure to visit our growing gallery which already holds 7,000+ photos of Joe! Also, follow us on Twitter @joekeerycentral for the latest updates!

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